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  Devon Shae Beauty

Frequently Asked Questions 

and Important Information 

What is a toner? 

A toner is a term used to describe a demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. 

Any tone, depth, lightness or darkness can be mixed as a toner. Most often, they are used to neutralize underlying pigment when lightening. 

Everyone's hair lifts warm. No matter what. To create an ashy end result we need to deposit ash tones. I also use toners for strawberry blondes, golden blondes, coppers, and light browns. It refines the colour, and creates a more " finished" look. Toners are also great for adding shine, and sealing down the hair cuticle. 

Toners last around 15 - 20 washes. 

They are very gentle, and non damaging. Since toners do fade out, you can come in for just a toning appointment anytime.


Why is a haircut included in color services?

I include haircuts as a complimentary addition to my colour services because I want to encourage more frequent small trims. 

When split ends form, they continue to split up the hair shaft resulting in brittle ends that will break off, or need a major cut to be removed. 

Small trims will keep your ends free of splits and allow the length to be healthy. So the saying that haircuts will help your hair grow is kind of correct, that you will be able to keep the extra growth.

Hair from our scalp grows an average of 0.5 inches per month. 

If you want to maintain your length and shape, a haircut every 8 weeks of 1 inch is recommended.

If you want to grow your length, a haircut every 12-16 weeks of 0.5-1 inch is recommended.


Hair colour pricing is hourly, how do I know how long my service will take?

Everyone's hair is unique, and I want my services to reflect that. Here is a rough idea of timing, but the main factors will be; if we need to do any extra treatments, if you are wanting a huge transformation, extra long / or thick hair, etc.

Regrowth Touch Up - 90 Minutes

Full Colour - 2 - 2.5 Hours

Half Head Foils and Toner - 2.5 Hours

Full Head Foils and Toner - 3 Hours

Balayage / Ombre - 4 Hours

Why is your haircut pricing by length?

Because hair has no gender. I feel charging by hair length makes more sense to me, and is fair to my clients. I generally take on average

Short Cut - 30 minutes 

Medium Length Cut - 45 minutes

Long Cut - 60 minutes

You can find me listed on the " Dress Code Project " website, as I try my best to be an inclusive safer-space for everyone.

Should I come to my appointment with clean or dirty hair?


For a haircut appointment I wash the hair anyways, so come with it clean if you would like a dry cut.

If we are colouring darker or covering greys please come with clean-ish hair (no more than a couple days old.) Too much oil can block the colour from penetrating.

For highlights, some oil is fine, but again not too much.

On scalp bleach: No vigorous shampooing, scrubbing or scratching within 24 hours to prevent irritation.

How often should I use purple shampoo? ( for blonde hair )

Purple / Violet, or Blue shampoo is a great product to use in between toning appointments to keep your hair colour fresh, and brass free. 

But - it can do some negative things if used incorrectly.

For starters, you shouldn't start using it for a few weeks after your salon appointment. Usage too soon can actually pull out your fresh toner. 

Salon toner is meant to last about 15-20 washes. When you notice your hair colour showing some unwanted golden or brass tones, that is when to start using your purple or blue shampoo.

Purple / Violet - cancels out yellow / gold tones

Blue - cancels out orange / copper tones

Remember. Ash tones look darker because they absorb the light. Warm colours reflect light and appear brighter. So over using your purple shampoo / conditioner can cause build up and dark dullness. If you feel your purple shampoo is not doing it's job, you probably need to book in for a toning appointment.

I recommend using a toning shampoo (or conditioner) no more than once a week, or once every 2 weeks.