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  Devon Shae Beauty

Li​st of Services and Pricing

Haircuts include shampoo, cut and blow-dry style. Clean ups and dry hair cut pricing subject to length of appointment.

All colours include complimentary haircuts.

Short Hair Cut

(Clipper Cut to Ear Length)


Medium Length Cut

(Ear to Shoulder Length)


Long Hair Cut

(Below Shoulder Length)


Kids Cut (Under 12, No Wash)


Blow Out

(Wash and Blow Dry Style)



(No Wash, Only Curling or Flat Iron)


Solid Root Touch Up

(No bleach)


Half Root Touch Up

(Quick Touch Up Along Part Line and Around Face Only)


Hair Colour

(Solid Colours, Highlights, Lowlights, Toners, etc.) 

*For Colour Corrections Please Estimate a 5+ Hour Appointment and Possibility of Multiple Sessions Being Required to Meet Your Goals

$80 per Hour

Hair Extensions- Beaded Weft and Tape Ins

(Price Does Not Include Cost of Hair, or Extra Product Charge for More than Average Beads/Tape)

$80 per Hour

Clarifying and Rehydrating Treatment

Removes: Mineral, medicinal and discolouring buildup from the hair and scalp.

Perfect for:

Teens, Swimmers, Blondes, Prep for a big color change (basically everyone)




Average Service Times

Short Hair Cut

30 Minutes

Medium Length Cut

45 Minutes

Long Hair Cut

60 Minutes

Root Touch Up

90 Minutes

Full Colour

2  Hours

1/2 Head Foils + Toner

2.5 Hours

Full Head Foils + Toner

3 Hours

Balayage / Ombre

4 Hours